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Driveway Refurbishment Salisbury


If you are after a high quality driveway refurbishment that will bring your driveway to an excellent standard, ACE Driveways is the company to select. With years of providing a wonderful service for customers in Salisbury, you can be reassured that our company will really renovate your driveway to a high standard. We provide driveway refurbishment in Salisbury, Quidhampton, Britford, Bishopdown and the wider surrounding areas.

How ACE Driveways Will Refurbish Your Driveway

At ACE Driveways, we have years of experience in providing Salisbury with quality driveways and understand many of the factors that can lead to driveway deterioration. Over time through a combination of usage and weather erosion, your driveway will have deteriorated over the years. It is more cost efficient to look after your current driveway than to have a completely new driveway installed. However, many driveway owners neglect their driveways, and this leads to their driveway becoming unsightly.

If you do not have the time to maintain or renovate your driveway, ACE Driveways provide an all inclusive driveway refurbishment that will really restore your driveway to a high standard. Often driveway owners do not have the time or proper resources to keep their driveway free of weeds or repair cracks. ACE Driveways are able to redecorate driveways of all kinds.

If you have a tarmac driveway or a pattern imprinted driveway, we have the resources to restore these types of driveways to an extremely high standard. Our restoration work has two aims which are to prolong the life of your driveway and improve the appearance of your driveway.

Commonly, owners of block paving driveways find that they have cracks in their driveway or moss and weeds popping up through the joints. Due to the nature of block paving driveways this can have a detrimental effect on the driveway’s life. Over time, the joints may disperse as the tiles spread or sink leading to an unsightly and sometimes unusable driveway.

The ACE Driveways Refurbishment Process

Regardless of the driveway type, all driveways will be washed with our high pressure deep clean wash. The aim of the deep clean will be to remove all the dirt and grime from your driveway from which the refurbishment process can then begin.

After the driveway has dried from the deep clean, the refurbishment work done will depend on the driveway. Block paving driveways will be covered in dried block paving sand, and every little detail will be carefully monitored by our staff. Afterwards, the driveway will be covered in a specialist sealant to maintain the health of the driveway’s joints. For a tarmac driveway, we will lay an additional layer of tarmac over the existing driveway.

For pattern imprinted concrete, we fill and secure all the joints with only the strongest filler that has been proven to enhance joint life. This is then followed up with by an application of the acrylic solids sealer of the highest quality.

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A driveway is an investment that needs to be well maintained, and it will pay dividends to have it well maintained and refurbished. To discuss your options with our team, please contact us on 01722 448588 .